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I'm looking for a java library to use SVG for work flow presentation.

My question:

is Batik this dynamic that you can move the objects in a svg drawing? E.g. moving icons in a canvas. Something like this: moveable objects

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Yes, Batik's support for interactivity and scripting is very good. See here, where they say:

The latest revision of Batik, release 1.7, is a conformant static SVG implementation and supports interactivity, linking and scripting features of the SVG specification. This release supports a nearly complete implementation of declarative animation, too.

You can see here that they score an A+, and one of the highest overall scores compared to other SVG implementations.

The language (JavaScript) and DOM interfaces are pretty much the same as what you would find in the browser environment as well, making it possible to write very portable UI code that runs well in both contexts.

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Thanks for the info. Do you know any example to see the these features in real? – myborobudur Nov 7 '10 at 10:32
I guess I would to realize it with an Interactor. Has anyone an code example for that? – myborobudur Nov 7 '10 at 12:39

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