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All I need to know is how to put a PDF page into a UIWebView, and then retrieve the URL value (into an NSString) of a link when clicked. Can somebody please offer their knowledge on this? Thanks in advance.

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Most iPhone PDF viewers are using CGPDF to render the PDF content.

To implement features like hyperlinks (AFIK hyperlinks in PDF are done via a "link annotation" tag, but there may be some other way), the PDF viewer uses the CGPDF API to scan/parse the PDF content stream for a given page, pull out any data it is interested in, then implement support for that feature.

So for hyperlinks, a viewer may use CGPDF to render the page in a view. It would also use CGPDF to scan the page looking for link annotations, and pull out any attributes it needed (contents, destination, coordinates, etc.) It would implement a touch-handler for the view and any code to execute when a user tapped the hyperlink.

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Thanks very much Tom –  m0rtimer Nov 8 '10 at 7:22
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This is not possible if you render PDFs in UIWebView.

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Is my only option CGPDF then? How do you think GoodReader or other like apps are doing this? –  m0rtimer Nov 7 '10 at 11:50
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