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Table t1:

s (string)      |  x (int)
"gfrdgeradfg"   |  0
"abdfodpnmn"    |  0
...             |  ...

Table t2:

c (varchar(1))

I would like to add +1 to t1.x for every character t2.c that occurs in t1.s, i.e. the result should be something like this:

s               |  x
"gfrdgeradfg"   |  3      (contains "a","g","r")
"abdfodpnmn"    |  1      (contains "a")
...             |  ...

Looping through t2 and update t1 in php is quite straightforward, but I'd rather do it in pure SQL, if possible.

Thanks for your help.

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SET x = (
    SELECT SUM(t1.s LIKE CONCAT('%', t2.c, '%'))
    FROM t2

Clarification: The expression t1.s LIKE CONCAT('%', t2.c, '%') will evaluate to a Boolean which is equivalent to 1 or 0 in MySQL.

I didn't test it so please tell me if it doesn't work.

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Yours didn't work, ? because of bracket should be BEFORE SELECT--this seems to number crunch ok...(-still waiting for result, 60k lines...). UPDATE t1 SET x = (SELECT SUM(t1.s LIKE CONCAT('%', t2.c, '%')) FROM t2 ) –  ajo Nov 7 '10 at 10:07
I hope it's working OK, and it looks very neat. Although it's taking a very long time (t1 has 60k rows, t2 2k). -- If t1 was a very long table, but t2 had only very few (say 3) entries, would there be a speedier way of achieving this result by going primarily through the t2 entries?? –  ajo Nov 7 '10 at 10:19
Yes, it has worked very nicely (took about 10 mins). Thank you very much. (I suspect there might not be a much quicker solution...) –  ajo Nov 7 '10 at 10:29

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