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Searching CPAN yielded so many results I don't know where to start. I need a simple and friendly module for some basic querying.

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For raw SQL queries, you'll need DBI and DBD::mysql. But I highly recommend that you also install and use DBIx::Class - it'll make your life far easier.

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Main database module at CPAN is DBI. All other modules (except very little group) use DBI. DBI has drivers for databases. For MySQL it is called DBD::mysql. With DBI you can write crossdatabase Perl code. Of course you will need to alter SQL code in case you are using DBMS-specific features.

P.S. And look at placeholders.

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I use DBIx::Simple .. it's not an ORM or anything, but does simplify SQL in perl a bit with its into(), arrays() and hashes() methods.

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