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Lets assume a xml file named data.xml with following content:

<name>test 1</name>
<resume>this is the resume</resume>
<specs>these are the specs</specs>
<name>test 2</name>
<resume>this is the resume 2</resume>
<name>test 3</name>
<specs>these are the specs 3</specs>

I need to search all records where any of these fields (id, name, resume or specs) contains a given value. I've created this code

XDocument DOC = XDocument.Load("data.xml");
IEnumerable<ProductRecord> results = from obj in DOC.Descendants("record")
obj.Element("id").Value.Contains(valueToSearch) ||
obj.Element("name").Value.Contains(valueToSearch) ||
obj.Element("resume").Value.Contains(valueToSearch) ||
     select new ProductRecord {
ID = obj.Element("id").Value,
Name = obj.Element("name").Value,
Resume = obj.Element("resume").Value,
Specs = obj.Element("specs").Value

This code throws an error of NullReference since not all records have all fields. How can i test if current record has a given element before i define a condition to apply? Ex. Record[@ID=3] has no resume.

Thanks in advance

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You can write an extension method which is like bellow:

public static class XMLExtension
    public static string GetValue(this XElement input)
        if (input != null)
            return input.Value;
        return null;

    public static bool XMLContains(this string input, string value)
        if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(input))
            return false;
        return input.Contains(value);

and use it as below:

IEnumerable<ProductRecord> results = from obj in DOC.Descendants("record")
                                            obj.Element("id").GetValue().XMLContains(valueToSearch) || ...
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Thank you very much! –  adaoss Nov 7 '10 at 15:58

You are getting a NullReferenceException because you are trying to access the value of some nodes that don't exist for each record like specs. You need to check whether obj.Element("specs") != null before calling .Value on it.

As an alternative you could use XPath:

var doc = XDocument.Load("test.xml");
var records = doc.XPathSelectElements("//record[contains(id, '2') or contains(name, 'test') or contains(resume, 'res') or contains(specs, 'spe')]");
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First I'm amazed that it's not crashing because you're not using the Namespace. Maybe c#4.0 has bypassed this?

Anyway try

obj.Descendants("id").Any() ? root.Element("id").Value : null

That is:

select new ProductRecord {
    ID = obj.Descendants("id").Any() ? root.Element("id").Value : null,
    Name = obj.Descendants("name").Any() ? root.Element("name").Value : null,
    Resume = obj.Descendants("resume").Any() ? root.Element("resume").Value : null
    Specs = obj.Descendants("specs").Any() ? root.Element("specs").Value : null
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the problem is NOT in select, i bypassed this with this code Specs = (string)obj.Element("Specs") ?? "n/a". The main problem is in where clause... –  adaoss Nov 7 '10 at 14:04
Try using the same logic? (string)obj.Element("Specs") ?? true. As if if the object doesn't exist you wish to take it as a true option for that record. –  Kamal Nov 7 '10 at 14:13

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