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i'm working with 2 entities in coredata :

  • worker
  • office

A worker work in one (and only one) office.
An office is occupied by several workers.

Now I would like populate a TableView with workers, grouped by office. This represent the table view :

Section 1 : Office 1
..........Worker 1
..........Worker 2
..........Worker 3
Section 2 : Office 2 (empty)
Section 3 : Office 3
..........Worker 4
..........Worker 5

In SQL I could use this query :

FROM office 
LEFT JOIN worker ON office.officeId = worker.officeId  
order by office.name, worker.name

Now working with core data, I'm facing some problems :

  • If I fetch office, I can access to workers (from relationship) as a Set, but this is not adapted to work with table view (for sorting and manipulating)
  • If I fetch worker and access the office via the relationship, empty offices are not fetched.

How can I fetch data like this with coredata ?


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I would fetch the offices, then simply sort the workers set (alphabetically, according to a rank attribute, etc) for display in the table. It'll probably make sense to make a method on your Office entity class to returned a sorted array for workers, e.g.:

@implementation Office

- (NSArray *)sortedWorkers
    return [self.workers sortedArrayUsingDescriptors:
            [NSArray arrayWithObjects:
             [NSSortDescriptor sortDescriptorWithKey:@"lastName" ascending:YES],
             [NSSortDescriptor sortDescriptorWithKey:@"firstName" ascending:YES],
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Fetch your workers and use the offices for the the sections as you have already done. Empty offices should not be shown in a UITableView as it goes against the HIG.

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