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Now i learn erlang and i have question about kind of running and testing erlang applications.

We have some views of running and test erlang program:

  1. We can run erlang shell and test in there our function
  2. We can compile some files with our erlang code, than create .app file, and than again run erlang shell and call application:start(AppName)

My question: Can we make binary executable file from erlang code? Like C code. What would i can run programm in erlang without erlang shell. That's i run program, input something command and after that calls anything erlang functions for this command?

I want following.

For example i have test.erl with three function:

foo1 () -> ...

foo2 () -> ...

foo3 () -> ...

And i want that i run programm in terminal. And if i input for example -a than calls function foo1, -b foo2 and etc...

Thank you.

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No, you can't make a binary. You can write a bash- or escript to automatically run the startup / test code.

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Thank you for reply. –  0xAX Nov 7 '10 at 14:36

You should also be checking out eunit which can automate a lot of the hassle of running automated unit tests.

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