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I have a problem with this one. It is constantly returning me, not a directory, but is certainly is

if [ -d "$DIR" ]; then  
        ls -1Apl /home/$DIR | grep -v /\$  
        echo "not a directory"

One more thing, I need a little hint. I have to list files from a given user in a given directory, where I get both the user and directory as parameters. Just suggestions, please.

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Are you in the /home directory when you run this? If not, you may want to change it to:

if [ -d "/home/$DIR" ]; then

to match the ls command. This is assuming you're running it with something like myscript pax to examine the /home/pax directory, which seems to be the case.

And if you want to only list those files in there owned by a specific user, you can use awk to only print those with column 3 set to the desired value ($usrnm), something like:

ls -1Apl /home/$DIR | grep -v /\$ | awk -v user=${usrnm} '$3==user{print}{}'
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You're not testing for the existence of the same directory as you're trying to list - maybe you mean -d "/home/$DIR"? Or from your requirement, do you have two parameters?


# and then examine "/home/$user/$dir"
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thanks guys... this is almost done, i have one more question, but i have to write another topic, this Answer your question thing is not working. thanks again –  sevdah Nov 7 '10 at 20:36

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