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I'm looking for a tool that would help me draw "screens" present in a large website I work with. I mean, I want to visualize it like this:

each screen is a "stop" on the map. hiperlinks each screen would contain should be a beginning of a "road" connecting it to another stop, that would visualize the process of transition from one screen to another.

It's probably very simple, but I haven't found an appropriate tool. It would preferably be for a Windows/Linux platform.

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Someone also advised me TIBCO as a flowchart tool, that sounds pretty cool. –  Cyrylski Nov 12 '10 at 23:13

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Interesting question. Would something like a mindmap be of interest? I'm thinking something you can generate automatically from some list of url's... that is with the assumption that your "screens" are urls. Maybe check out these ideas?

  • TikZ/pgf mindmaps... you could write code in LaTeX that would create a mindmap or process flow diagram of the "path" a user takes? See these for an example of what you could do and some ideas of how to visualize?

    • www . texample . net/tikz/examples/feature/mindmaps/
    • www . texample . net/tikz/examples/pancake-network/
    • www . texample . net/tikz/examples/cn4-points-of-intersection/
    • www . texample . net/tikz/examples/control-system-principles/
  • pacgraph: Arch Linux installed package visualization system

    • I thought of this in application to your problem. I ran across it several weeks ago and it looked fantastic. It essentially goes through an installed package and dependencies list and puts together an interconnected map of installed packages. You could perhaps look at the code and modify it to examine stored web pages instead of installed packages?
    • Page on Arch Forums: bbs . archlinux . org/viewtopic.php?id=71191
    • Home page: kmkeen . com/pacgraph/
  • Graphviz

    • Visualization package very suited toward creating nodes/process paths, etc.
    • Home page: www . graphviz . org/
  • Gource

    • Crazy and off the wall idea, but this is a tool that monitors git tree history and creates a neat video from the commit history. I ran into it when someone used it to track org-mode, an emacs outlining mode I use. I wonder if you could use it to track IP address or users and what pages they "float" around to.
    • Home page: code . google . com/p/gource/
    • Org-mode video: vimeo . com/11889681

I tried googling around but can't find anything (based on my search terms) that looks like a pre-existing solution to what you want to do but hope that these might provide some ideas.

P.S. I'm new enough that my link posting privileges are quite low, hence the spaces in all the URLs above. My apologies for the inconvenience, but I felt the URLs would potentially helpful enough to post them in an slightly inconvenient way!

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I'll have a look, thank you very much! –  Cyrylski Nov 12 '10 at 23:11

interesting one... let me try and please feel free to correct me

Windows - Microsoft Visio is the great great tool for this if you want to for some more advance and more realstic kind of prototype and structure please try MICROSOFT EXPRESSION SKETCHFLOW. This is great tool, this gives complete flow with navigation and allows you to do dynamic interaction too.

here is the url - http://www.microsoft.com/expression/products/Sketchflow_Overview.aspx http://expression.microsoft.com/en-us/ee426887.aspx

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Thank you! I've heard about Sketchflow, I believe it's especially amazing for prospective Silverlight developers. I'll have a look anyways, thank you. –  Cyrylski Nov 12 '10 at 23:12

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