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I used to execute this query with no problems what so ever, but lately i've been having exceptions.

(on a mysql server)

48442 [NioProcessor-1] ERROR c.x.xpofacebook.mysql.MysqlDb - SQLException: Before start of result set
48443 [NioProcessor-1] ERROR c.x.xpofacebook.mysql.MysqlDb - SQLState: S1000
48443 [NioProcessor-1] ERROR c.x.xpofacebook.mysql.MysqlDb - VendorError: 0
48451 [NioProcessor-1] ERROR c.x.xpofacebook.mysql.MysqlDb - stack trace: java.sql.SQLException: Before start of result set

The code:

String createPlayerRow = "insert into highscore_challenge_player "
            + "(fb_user_id,played,best_score,highscore_challenge_id) values ((select from fb_user where uid=?),?,?,?)";
        stmt = conn.prepareStatement(createPlayerRow,Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS);
        stmt.setLong(1, uid);
        stmt.setInt(2, 0);
        stmt.setInt(3, 0);
        stmt.setInt(4, highscoreChallengeId);
        rs = stmt.getGeneratedKeys();
        rowId = rs.getInt(1); <--- ERROR IN THIS LINE    

any ideas ? !?


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You need to get to the first result before you can start looking at items in it.

More explicitly: you need to call at least once before you can ever access results. More generally, you need to call next n times to look at the n-th row, and with sql results, the count starts at 1, not 0.

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thanks a lot! :) – ufk Nov 7 '10 at 16:14
@ufk: no prob - I actually learned the answer to this question here asking my own similar question. Make sure to give back when you see it come up! – Carl Nov 7 '10 at 16:17

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