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Though I have read some articles about message contract, but I am not able to comprehend what is the real use of message contract. Can I use Message conract instead of Datacontract or in complement to Datacontract.

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A DataContract is a description of a type that is exposed and supported by your service. A MessageContract is an abstraction over a SOAP message that allows you to explicitly dictate the structure of the underlying message.

They are meant to compliment each other and serve different purposes.

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can you please give me some implementaion –  Vaibhav Jain Nov 7 '10 at 17:12

Marc Gravell answered to a similar question WCF: MessageContract, DataContract ... Confused?

One of the advantages of message-contracts is that you can set privacy against members, but in many cases this isn't necessary. In such cases, I prefer to keep the contract as simple as possible, just as a data-contract.

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Using DataContract, the service can expose the types that it interchanges. But the XML (SOAP) that is interchanged is not controlled (though impacted) by it. While MessageContract can be used to explicitly define how the XML (SOAP message) will be structured.

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One of the best part in in message contract that it would always help you to put additional security or to write a wrapper for Authentication purpose to make authenticated call to service(s)(this could include both for WCF and WS) while client makes a call to service.

Message contract also helps to diagnosis the communication between a client and service by introducing different message inspector.

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