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Now, I can get video device(Webcam) and audio device(Microphone) and stream to make video capture. How to change device source from Webcam to screen to make screen capture video

I use getdeviceofcat to set the source filter

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You need a filter which captures screen and sends the video down the stream. In DirectShow SDK there is a sample filter called PushSource and inside there is PushSourceDesktop. Compile it and insert to your graph as a source filter.

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I find PushSourceDestop and compile that I will get PushSourceDestop.obj. How to insert it into my project and into graph? I'm newbie with this. Thank you – Prince OfThief Nov 8 '10 at 8:16
You should build this example and get Register it by running command "regsvr32" (or if you're using just press Add in filters window and select this file). Then it will appear in DirectShow Filters category as "PushSource Desktop Filter". – Dee Mon Nov 15 '10 at 7:52

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