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I am trying to implement Lucene with cakephp and following this guide

Am getting this error

ConnectionManager::loadDataSource - Unable to import DataSource class .ZendSearchLuceneSource

i have placed the Vendor files in app/vendors/Zend/

Added this in the bootstrap.php

ini_set('include_path', ini_get('include_path') . ':' . CAKE_CORE_INCLUDE_PATH . DS . '/vendors');

 * AutoLoading Zend Vendor Files
function __autoload($path) {
    if(substr($path, 0, 5) == 'Zend_') {
        include str_replace('_', '/', $path) . '.php';
    return $path;

added this to the Database Config

var $zendSearchLucene = array(
    'datasource' => 'ZendSearchLucene',
    'indexFile' => 'lucene', // stored in the cache dir.
    'driver' => '',
    'source' => 'search_indices'

Add created a model called search.php

class Search extends AppModel {
    var $useDbConfig = 'zendSearchLucene';


Right now i have created a controller called search too like this

class SearchController extends AppController {

    var $name = 'Search';

    function index(){



when i visit site/search am getting that error.

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have done this also copied zend_search_lucene.php to models/datasources – Harsha M V Nov 7 '10 at 18:48
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Not sure if this is still relevant to you, but I have just begun using the same datasource and came across the same issues. I updated the datasource for Cake 1.3 and it should work now.

Have a look at my fork of the project at Github:

If you find any problems with it, please open tickets for them. I'll see if I can get around to fixing them. The datasource is a good basis, but may need some updating and extension.

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thanks a lot. will look into it and get abck to you :D – Harsha M V Dec 2 '10 at 17:33

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