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I'm using Seam 2.2.1 for a little project of mine. I know there is a excel export for richfaces:dataTable but is there something like this for PDFs too? I don't really want to write a PDF export with iText.


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You can easily export the generated HTML to PDF with Seam PDF

It does use iText internally, but you don't have to write any iText code.

Create a link that takes the same List you are using iterate the RichFaces datatable.

<p:table  columns="2" headerRows="1" widthPercentage="95" widths="0.5 0.5" spacingBefore="10">
    <p:cell backgroundColor="#EEEEEE">#{messages['notes.description']}</p:cell>
    <p:cell backgroundColor="#EEEEEE">#{messages['notes.processUserName']}</p:cell>
    <ui:repeat var="note" value="#{yourListHere}">

Something like this. Remember to wrap everything inside a

<p:document xmlns:p="http://jboss.com/products/seam/pdf">
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If you don't insist on using <rich:dataTable>, you can try <p:dataTable> (primefaces) which has built-in export for PDF. See here

Otherwise you can use JasperReports for easier, GUI design of your exported PDF.

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