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I am looking for PHP,Mysql based CMS system.

These are my needs:

  1. I need the ability to create custom contnet types(for example articles) with custom fields(text,date,select,textarea,upload and so)
    i need full controll on the field (position, mandatory, name, title).

  2. Need the option to translate every content that i have entered.

  3. Content versioning - I need the ability to roll back to a previus content version

  4. User access restriction by content type.

I will not use the site side to display the content, for that i am going to build my own API based on CI+Doctrine, my needs are for input only.

I have tried to install some custom moduls in wordpress and make it happend, but installing 3 plugins made a mess in the data.


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You should use wordpress, but you will need to create your own custom theme, look into here on how to do this: http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development

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WP does not have outof the box content types or custom fields (date, select...), and I am going to create my own theme based on CI. –  fatnjazzy Nov 7 '10 at 20:28
WP 3 does provide custom fields that are actually really easy to use! There's a few plugin's that will even do the setup for you. I would highly recommend WordPress as there is a LOT of support out there for it, and really nice documentation! And the huge amount of plugins available make it even easier to work with! –  Andrew Carter Nov 7 '10 at 21:04

Id recommend Apostrophe (developer docs). The only thing is it would be silly to use it and then make youre own front ned ans its based on in-context editing. That said it is also built on top of Symfony utilizing Doctrine 1.2 for its model layer. So really unless you absolutely have to use Code Igniter as your framework this could address all your needs.

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since you'll be using ci, why not try ellislabs own cms (which actually is really good): http://expressionengine.com/

it does all the stuff you specified, is built with ci, is open source, but comes with a (modest) license cost. i'm not affiliated in any way, i just kinda like the product.

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note: nowdays i really try to avoid this product. still love ci tho. –  fjallstrom Feb 6 '12 at 22:31

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