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Over the years most web developers will have built an arsenal of tools or "tools of the trade". Recently I discovered rsync and I am surprised how I managed to live without it all these years. What tools do you consider to be the most compelling? Please stick to the ones you use on a regular basis and swear by. They can also be frameworks, platforms, editors and whatever else you think web developers ought to be using (jquery, joomla, xdebug, vi, notepad++, etc).

I'll start off with a couple:

  1. rsync - 'One click' sync to live servers or vice-versa
  2. mysqldump - used alongside rsync to sync the databases
  3. test styles bookmarklet - live css editor bookmarklet which beats the heck out of the 'edit > save > reload' cycle by allowing live editing.
  4. javascript shell - javascript shell window attached to a window
  5. firebug - advanced javascript/css/dom debugger
  6. php-shell - I use this regularly for quickly testing statements, functions, classes or scripts
  7. CSS-Discuss Wiki - I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a solution to your CSS problem on this wiki (in which case you should add it)
  8. Font Matrix - Helps me choose font stacks
  9. PHPMyAdmin - I'm certain everyone uses this for managing their MySQL databases but thought I'd add it to the list for good measure

Even though I have highlighted tools in the LAMP environment, you may mention tools you use in your environment.

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I recently started using HttpWatch and have found it to be great. It allows you to inspect all the HTTP traffic of your web application. What is the size of your AJAX response? Did the browser load the gif from its cache? Does your page make any requests that you didn't know about? These are just some of the questions HttpWatch can help you answer.

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I'd like to add VMWare Workstation what i use for virtual development environments. I haven't tried the new eclipse vm debugging plugin yet, btw ;)

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Firebug - Brilliant tool for claryfying what css is in use and what stylesheet it is coming from Crimson Editor - little editor with excellent syntax highlighting JQuery - enough said DNS Expert - Instant checks for anything DNS related

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I use MyWebSQL for managing MySQL. phpMyAdmin is way too legacy.

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For websites use Ruby on rails. It Generate forms, buttons, listbox for you. It generate data validation to ensure user input is correct.

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