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What is the difference between the two platforms/frameworks, besides that one uses Java, and the other Python? What are the different purposes/uses of each? I ask this because I'm trying to write a simple web app, and am not sure which one to use. I have had some experience with GWT people, but prefer Python and am wondering if GAE is easier to work with.

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GWT is a Java library. You write Java code using the GWT API. That java code gets compiled into javascript that can be run in a web browser. The compilation step is provided by software in the GWT.

GAE is completely different. GAE is a server platform for deploying web applications to Google's server infrastructure. You can use GWT in a GAE app; you do not have to do this. You can create a GAE app that does not use GWT.

The only thing these two technologies have in common is the 'G'.

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Well, and 'J'. Both GWT-based clients and GAE-based servers can be written in Java. Your Java UI skills (e.g. creating event-driven interfaces) and your knowledge of Servets can be applied in GWT and GAE, respectively. –  Boris Brudnoy Dec 19 '11 at 14:47

GWT is an Ajax library provided by Google like Dojo/Jquery came up. But it came with a prerequisite with Java as server side component unlike other Ajax (Javascript) frameworks.

Contrarily GAE is a Cloud computing platform which helps you build cloud applications on Google Cloud via GAE. This is a total platform of GAE is provided as a service. In this platform you can code your application on Python or Java (currently). Database would be Google's Data Store API (Big Table, a Google's Hierarchial Database). It is in the form of ORMs. Views can be HTML or XML

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GWT certainly does NOT require the server side to have anything to do with Java. GWT is first and foremost a framework for building sophisticated client applications which run in browsers. It gives you facilities to communicate with a Servet-based server application, however it also provides you with everything you need to connect to any backend. –  Boris Brudnoy Dec 19 '11 at 14:43

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