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i'm trying to print a document using Java.

The "document" i'm trying to print is a JFrame with a buch of components in it. (JTable, JLabels, JTextFields,..)
Now, I've found some code snippets on how to print a component, mostly found here. But I am still unable to find the anwsers to a couple of more questions regarding the printing in Java.

1. If the component is to big in height, the printjob only prints one page and one page only. How to "cut" the JFrame and print on the number of pages needed to make the whole component fit?
2. How to make the background of the component white?
3. How to "cut out" specific components? (for eg. a JButton)

So, basically i made a "report" using NetBeans auto-code JFrame class and dragged and dropped the components in it, and now i'm trying to find the simplest solution on how to print that "report".

Thanks in advance for any anwser or hint whatsoever!

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