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I developed a website that is based on Joomla for a client. The client have a shared hosting account in hostgator.

The first version of the website worked without problems for few months on the client's hosting account. The second version of the website was developed on a VPS hosting (in hosgator) and works fine there, but when I try to move it to the shared hosting, I get some errors.

The main developments in the new version are:

1) Adding jconnect (www.webscribble.com/jconnector?utm_source=joomla&utm_medium=listing&utm_content=jconnector&utm_campaign=jconnector)

2) Saving the apartments list in cash in order to flip between the apartments.

The new version on development server - homehotel4.zone1global.com/ And the new version on shared hosting - www.homehotel.co.il/

The errors I get don't point to the code of one of the new developments but to the core joomla code (even though this code stayed the same).

The errors happens when I try to add a new property to the web site. If you'll look at the property page of an old property (from the old version) like property number 60, The page loads fine both on the VPS hosting (homehotel4.zone1global.com/component/realtyna/?view=propertyshow&pid=60) and the on the shared hosting (www.homehotel.co.il/component/realtyna/?view=propertyshow&pid=60)

I've added a new property on both hostings, on the VPS hosting the property page loads without problems (homehotel4.zone1global.com/component/realtyna/?view=propertyshow&pid=580)
but on the shared hosting I get errors in the new property page (www.homehotel.co.il/component/realtyna/?view=propertyshow&pid=580) :

Earlier today when I tried to enter the new property page :
I got the error :
"Catchable fatal error: Object of class JDatabaseMySQL could not be converted to string in /home/gahlnir/public_html/libraries/joomla/database/database.php on line 588"
I just tried to enter this URL again and I'm no longer getting the error (the same thing happens every time when I add a property in the new version on the shared hosting)

And when I'm trying to enter the same URL but with the "www" (www.homehotel.co.il/component/realtyna/?view=propertyshow&pid=580) I get a different error :
"Fatal error: Cannot use object of type JDocumentHTML as array in /home/gahlnir/public_html/libraries/joomla/document/html/html.php on line 272"
(this error didn't disappear)

I've tried to check the code on the lines the errors points to -

line 588 in libraries/joomla/database/database.php is the line :

$literal .= str_replace( $prefix, $this->_table_prefix,substr( $sql, $startPos, $j - $startPos ) );

in the function replacePrefix

 * This function replaces a string identifier <var>$prefix</var> with the
 * string held is the <var>_table_prefix</var> class variable.
 * @access public
 * @param string The SQL query
 * @param string The common table prefix
function replacePrefix( $sql, $prefix='#__' )
    $sql = trim( $sql );

    $escaped = false;
    $quoteChar = '';

    $n = strlen( $sql );

    $startPos = 0;
    $literal = '';
    while ($startPos < $n) {
        $ip = strpos($sql, $prefix, $startPos);
        if ($ip === false) {

        $j = strpos( $sql, "'", $startPos );
        $k = strpos( $sql, '"', $startPos );
        if (($k !== FALSE) && (($k < $j) || ($j === FALSE))) {
            $quoteChar  = '"';
            $j          = $k;
        } else {
            $quoteChar  = "'";

        if ($j === false) {
            $j = $n;

        $literal .= str_replace( $prefix, $this->_table_prefix,substr( $sql, $startPos, $j - $startPos ) );
        $startPos = $j;

        $j = $startPos + 1;

        if ($j >= $n) {

        // quote comes first, find end of quote
        while (TRUE) {
            $k = strpos( $sql, $quoteChar, $j );
            $escaped = false;
            if ($k === false) {
            $l = $k - 1;
            while ($l >= 0 && $sql{$l} == '\\') {
                $escaped = !$escaped;
            if ($escaped) {
                $j  = $k+1;
        if ($k === FALSE) {
            // error in the query - no end quote; ignore it
        $literal .= substr( $sql, $startPos, $k - $startPos + 1 );
        $startPos = $k+1;
    if ($startPos < $n) {
        $literal .= substr( $sql, $startPos, $n - $startPos );
    return $literal;

And the line 272 in libraries/joomla/document/html/html.php is a line in the function countModules:

 * Count the modules based on the given condition
 * @access public
 * @param  string   $condition  The condition to use
 * @return integer  Number of modules found
function countModules($condition)
    $result = '';

    $words = explode(' ', $condition);
    for($i = 0; $i < count($words); $i+=2)
        // odd parts (modules)
        $name       = strtolower($words[$i]);
        $words[$i]  = ((isset($this->_buffer['modules'][$name])) && ($this->_buffer['modules'][$name] === false)) ? 0 : count(JModuleHelper::getModules($name));

    $str = 'return '.implode(' ', $words).';';

    return eval($str);

(272 is the line : $words[$i] = ((isset($this->_buffer['modules'][$name])) && ($this->_buffer['modules'][$name] === false)) ? 0 : count(JModuleHelper::getModules($name));)

In case it's relevant :
PHP Version 5.2.9
MYSQL - Client API version 5.0.91

Shared hosting :
PHP Version 5.2.14
MYSQL - Client API version 5.1.50

I've searched the forums but didn't find anything like that. Any ideas what can couse this errors on the shared hosting?

------------------------------------------- UPDATE-----------------------------------------

After a few hours, the page started to act differently (even though I haven't changed anything) -

I'm no longer getting the error :
"Catchable fatal error: Object of class JDatabaseMySQL could not be converted to string in /home/gahlnir/public_html/libraries/joomla/database/database.php on line 588"

Now I only get the error :
"Fatal error: Cannot use object of type JDocumentHTML as array in /home/gahlnir/public_html/libraries/joomla/document/html/html.php on line 272"
(both when I have WWW in the URL and when I don't), but the errors doesn't show up all the time. I can enter the page and have no errors and then load it again and have this error.

What can cause this strange behavior of the website?

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Have you checked the permissions on the files and folders of your site? –  Martin Nov 8 '10 at 0:01
What permissions should I have for the files and folders? If there was a problem with the promotions, wouldn't the errors occur every time I enter the property page (in any property)? –  Shani1351 Nov 8 '10 at 7:08

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