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Is it possible to make Gtk IconView (in pygtk) allow selection of multiple icons without the Ctrl key being pressed?

I basically want the behaviour of Ctrl being held down even when it is not held down.

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Overriding this kind of behaviour might confuse users. But if you really want to, there are two possibilities that I can see:

Either make the IconView believe Ctrl is always pressed:

def force_ctrl(iv, ev): ev.state |= gtk.gdk.CONTROL_MASK
iconview.connect('key-press-event', force_ctrl)
iconview.connect('button-press-event', force_ctrl)

Or you could try implementing the selection behaviour yourself, something like:

def clicked(iv, ev):
    p = iv.get_path_at_pos(int(ev.x), int(ev.y))
    if not p is None:
        if iv.path_is_selected(p):
    return True # make the IconView ignore this click
iconview.connect('button-press-event', clicked)
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