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Is it possible / allowed to detect one version a user originally purchased my app? Or conversely be able to detect new purchasers?

I am switching the app from paid to free and adding ads however ideally I would be able to detect those users who've already paid for the app and not add the ads.

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If they are separate downloads within the app store, you'll want to just remove the ad-serving code in the free-version. If it's an in-app purchase, just have it unlock something- say, change something in NSUserDefaults. If they re-download it and "unlock" the paid version again Apple should make sure not to double-charge them (just like when you re-download an app you've already paid for) –  Ascendant Sep 8 '11 at 1:34

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As far as I know it's not possible. Detecting and not charging re-purchaser is as far as I know 100% on Apples side.

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The best way to accomplish what you want would be to have a free version in addition to the paid version. Anything else would be fairly error-prone.

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