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I have a sql function in oracle
create or replace function testfunc.....

Compile it succesfully. When i verify all_procedures system table it's not there. select * from all_procedures where procedure_name like '%testfunc%';

Not sure whether i am looking at the correct system table

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If you actually want the function to be named testfunc, you need to use create or replace function "testfunc" - although you probably don't want to... – Jeffrey Kemp Nov 8 '10 at 4:23
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Unless you are using double-quoted identifiers to enforce case-sensitivity (something you almost certainly don't want to do), Oracle will always store identifiers in upper case in the data dictionary. So you would want

  FROM all_procedures
 WHERE procedure_name = 'TESTFUNC'
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Did you find your procedure in all_procedures view??? I can't find it,when I created...:? strange..It shows me just package specifications and package bodies... Please inform me did you find or not? Thank you – kupa Nov 10 '10 at 5:30

Log in as system or sys as sysdba and query:

FROM dba_objects 
WHERE object_name LIKE '%TESTFUNC%'
AND object_type='FUNCTION';


Log in as your user and query:

FROM all_objects
WHERE object_name LIKE '%TESTFUNC%'
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