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The Android developer documentation has a very large header -- one that becomes obnoxious when I increase the font size in Chromium (because the whole things scales).

I found a UserScript that reduces the size of the header. It works in Firefox, but I'm using Chromium (which has some support for UserScripts). In Chromium, the script successfully reduces the height of the header, but doesn't extend the body. (There's a big blank area at the bottom of the screen.)

To get the script partially working in Chromium and I made two changes: change @include to @match and insert the @required javascript into my script. In the Chromium debugger, the last if (that does the resizing) is skipped.

I tried setting the height of the content in the script (after the if):


That looks right, but now there's no scrollbar. Adding overflow didn't help either:


I don't really know what I'm doing (I'm new to js and jquery), but I hope that someone else will see why the Android docs body doesn't fill the empty space when I shrink the header.

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The original script has been updated and now works for Chrome.

(Worked for me on Chromium 10.0.648.133 (77742) Ubuntu 10.10.)

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