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Hi i'm a newbie in php programming. Im curious to know which framework is better, cakephp or sapphire? And which framework is very close to the ruby on rails style? I have searched around the web, but a definite comparison between the two is not available.

Thanks in advance :)

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No framework is better per se, ask 10 developers and you get 11 opinions. It depends on your context and requirements which one is better suited for you. Voting to close as subjective and argumentative. – deceze Nov 8 '10 at 4:46
you are right abt though but im looking for a way to learn oop style and learn a framework which is very easily adaptable in a short span :) – jaykumarark Nov 8 '10 at 5:22
It's still hard to tell you what's better for you. Just get started with one that seems sensible, maybe that has a good tutorial that clicks with you, and see how far you get. – deceze Nov 8 '10 at 5:52
thanks a lot :) i think cakephp probably has lotta support on the web compared to sapphire. :) – jaykumarark Nov 8 '10 at 6:15
I think the quality/style of the documentation is quite important. Some frameworks concentrate almost entirely on API documentation with very little examples, which may or may not be exactly what you want. A lot has been written about Cake and their own documentation is pretty verbose, if that's what you're looking for Cake is probably a good choice. – deceze Nov 8 '10 at 8:22

If you're new to PHP, you probably should get familiar with PHP before going for a framework.

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CakePHP is closer to ROR in terms of usage comparable to Sapphire, however..I'll also suggest learning PHP itself prior using framework.

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not im a newbie when it comes to frameworks. sorry abt the wrong intro :P. but i have written a good amound of php codes in the past. but there is no sense of code re-usability or structure in my programming. Im looking for a way to adapt to a framework easily without much of a hassle. thanks :) – jaykumarark Nov 8 '10 at 5:01

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