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I have this HTML.

<a href="">PLAY ME!!!!!</a>
So if somebody clicks on the link then native media player loads and browser goes into background and when video ends it comes to foreground with the same page. Is there a way to detect this i.e. browser going background and then coming foreground in the javascript?

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Do the standard window focus/blur events not work on the android browser? (eg: –  ndtreviv Jan 5 '12 at 16:45

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So as the article that @ndtreviv linked says that "Switching to another document or application." is not implemented in Android yet. However, you can, if you want to, make an app that uses a WebView to display your content. This way, you can access all the native Android stuff from JavaScript.

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There is a proposal to allow mobile webapps to detect whether they are in the foreground or not, you can use the "visibilitychange" event, see here:

Note that this event is fired on the document, not on the window. E.g:

window.document.addEventListener("visibilitychange", function(e) {
  window.console.log('VISIBILITY CHANGE', window.document.visibilityState);
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