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I have two servers. Server A and server B. I use php, jquery for the programming language, Apache for the web server.

What I want to achieve: There are javascript that call this url http://serverB/someprocess.php, server B response with json whether the process 'someprocess' is TRUE or FALSE

Problem: When I test locally, it works just like I want. But when I upload the script, and when I look at firebug, there are no JSON response from server B, so the script fail.

Question: I had many problem about script work in local but in live before, but this one really confuse me. What should I check? Can you give me any clue?

Note: 'someprocess' is a php script that do process transferring data from progress DB (not postgre) via Merrant ODBC to SQL Server 2000 and it took 70 seconds to finish

What I have try:

  • set apache timeout to 80 seconds
  • change server B response to text
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the problem is cross domain ajax request

a solution is like :



proxy way

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thanks for the jsonp information, i've heard it but never read about this topic any further –  Permana Nov 8 '10 at 7:15

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