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Is there some simple, standard way of converting my C# xml comments generated xml file into a format that is easily read. I have no need for setting any formatting, adding new tags, etc, I just need to display my generated file eg. javadoc style or not similar, in the most simplest, easiest way possible. Cheers.

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To clarify, I have already an xml file generated from my comments, but its generally unreadable. Can I easily run this file through a tool or similar that will convert it to say html or similar. Javadoc automatically styles generated files 'readably'. –  sMaN Nov 8 '10 at 8:43

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I use Sandcastle and Sandcastle Help File Builder, which produces MSDN style help files from xml doc comments. You can find a detailed guide here.

Another option is Doxygen, which I found to be easier to use than Sandcastle. In the end, I preferred the look of the help file that Sandcastle produced, so I chose Sandcastle over Doxygen.

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I've since played with Doxygen and find it very useful in both extracting documentation from code, and presenting the documentation. Its powerful and easy to use. –  sMaN Jan 10 '11 at 23:02

You can use Ghost Doc.

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You have variety of tools for doing this:

  1. NDoc
  2. Devscribe

You can get a list of many other document generators here!

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