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Im trying JSF2 CDI (weld) beans in eclipse helios instead of ManagedBeans, but can't do the auto completion inside the expression language for my Named beans (the #{myNamedBean.Ctrl+Space} thingy)

But OTOH with ManagedBeans, the content assist works well .. Is the content assist for CDI beans supported yet in Eclipse Helios?

Anybody got experiences in this ?

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  1. Install JBoss tools. Then by adding <nature>org.jboss.tools.jsf.jsfnature</nature> to the natures section of the .project file, the support improved in my Eclipse J2EE Helios edition. (This step is probably equal to Configure->Add JSF Capabilities in the project settings.) The context completion then works for cc.attrs.<ctrl-space> when building component compositions, but sadly still not for any @ManagedBeans.

  2. Switch from ManagedBeans to CDI: I changed all @ManagedBeans to @javax.inject.Named and the scopes to @javax.enterprise.context.*Scoped etc. I also enable CDI Support in the project settings. Then I get context completion on beans in .xhtml!

First limitation: It only works when the EL is part of an attribute value. It does not work if you just use #{EL} somewhere else on the .xhtml page.

Second limitation: If you define the name of your bean via a constant, it is not recognized for context competion: Does not work: @Named(value = MyBean.BEANNAME). You have to set the name as a String, like: @Named(value = "myBean")

Third limitation: If you use parameterised method calls (e.g. with Tomcat7 or Glassfish), this is not supported by autocomplete. The autocomplete only shows get/set/is properties of the bean.

Note: It works out of the box in Netbeans 7.

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Great, thanks ! – bertie May 16 '11 at 2:50
When we add <nature>org.jboss.tools.jsf.jsfnature</nature> to the .project file is there any problem to deploy the project on Glassfish or to use Glassfish plugin in Eclipse? And which of all JBoss tools we must to install to get the content assist for facelets, when we don't want to install all JBoss tools? – Svetoslav Marinov Apr 29 '12 at 9:40
First: I don't think that there is going to be any problem mit Glassfish. Second: Try all with JSF and CDI in their names. – alfonx May 1 '12 at 18:29
With Eclipse Kepler and JBoss Tools @ManagedBeans work, autocompletion works for EL expressions everywhere not just in attributes, and parameterized method calls autocomplete as well. – prunge Nov 28 '13 at 2:13
For CDI Beans (with JBoss Tools installed), right click on the project, then Configure -> Add CDI (Context and Dependency Injection) support... – Vinícius Fonseca May 21 '14 at 12:48

If there is any support, it would be from JBoss Tools.

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thank you for the info, but i was thinking of something that is not specific for jboss – bertie Nov 16 '10 at 7:24
@Albert Kam this is a plugin for eclipse I think – Bozho Nov 16 '10 at 10:09

Before you install JBossTools, please note that for EL auto complete support and managed bean mapping all you need is these 2 components from the JBoss Tool set.

1. JBoss Tools JSF
2. JBoss Tools Visual Page Editor

If you do not select these specific tools then all the 20+ tools will get installed.

Also, note that sometimes your default file *.xhtml association will not change after tool installation. You may have to manually change file association preference. File>Preference>File Associations. Select *.xhtml and set "JBoss Tools Visual Page Editor" as the default editor.

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