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I need to read some test data from an html document. The problem is there are some non-English characters there shown as HTML codes (e.g. Ø - Ø). How can I change those into a single character? Later I'll need to compare these characters to what user enters in a web form.

I'm trying to do this in Ruby 1.9.2.

Thanks in advance

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This question was on SO many times. But I can't find it. So, as I can remember:

require 'CGI'
some_string = 'Ø&>'
p CGI.unescapeHTML(some_string).gsub(/&#(\d+);/){[$1.to_i].pack 'U'}

=> "\u00D8&>"

\u00D8 is your symbol. &> are just for example of use CGI::unescapeHTML.

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