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lets say i have a website that i am developing...

the site may have wallpapers, question & answers, info (e.g imdb,wikipedia etcetera)

what do i need to do so that when some search engine analyzes a particular page of my website for particular, lets say 'XYZ', it finds 'XYZ', content it finds 'XYZ' content if it present in that page...

please i am new to this so pardon my non-techy jargon...

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The most important tips in SEO revolve around what not to do:

  • Keep Java and Flash as minimal as is possible, web crawlers can't parse them. Javascript can accomplish the vast majority of Flash-like animations, but it's generally best to avoid them altogether.
  • Avoid using images to replace text or headings. Remember that any text in images won't be parsed. If necessary, there are SEO-friendly ways of replacing text with images, but any time you have text not visible to the user, you risk the crawler thinking your trying to cheat the system.
  • Don't try to be too clever. The best way to optimize your search results is to have quality content which engages your audience. Be wary of anyone who claims they can improve your results artificially; Google is usually smarter than they are.
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Search engines (like Google) usually use the content in <h1> tags to find out the content of your page and determine how relevant your page is to that content by the number of sites that link to your page.

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