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I was getting the below error when running scripts

Problem while capturing system stateundefined local variable or method `selenium_driver' for Spec::Example::ExampleGroup::Subclass_1:0x7f8ad0819298>

here is my settings :

def sel_setup
@verification_errors = []

if $selenium
  @selenium = $selenium
  @selenium = "localhost", 4444, "*firefox", "", 5000000  
@selenium.set_context("Executing XYZ test cases")


def test_stop @selenium.close_current_browser_session end

Could any one please tell me the fix on this issue .

thanks in advance.

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The RSpec HTML report formatter that comes with the selenium-client gem needs selenium_driver to point to your instance of Selenium::Client::Driver.

In your case, something like this should work:

def selenium_driver
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