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I know about cpufeatures.h, but it doesn't seem to include all of the flags that I see on the CPUs on the machines I work with. Some examples of flags I have not been able to find include "nopl" and "xtopology." Are these documented anywhere?

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Last time i looked, documentation of cpu feature codes was abominably bad.

However, cpufeature.h from 2.6.36 contains both xtopology:

#define X86_FEATURE_XTOPOLOGY   (3*32+22) /* cpu topology enum extensions */

And nopl:

#define X86_FEATURE_NOPL        (3*32+20) /* The NOPL (0F 1F) instructions */

So, now you just need to understand what those comments mean. Good luck!

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Thanks! That at least gives me something more google tractable. I'd upvote you but I don't have 15 reputation yet so I can't. – Ian Goodfellow Nov 10 '10 at 16:54
Another thing to do would be to put the macro identifier into the search box on that LXR server, and see where they're used. Code that tests for a feature might shed some light on what that feature is. – Tom Anderson Nov 11 '10 at 11:56

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