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I'm using Global360's libraries to interface with their system in C#. I need to access the PageInfo class accessible via

public virtual object Page(int lPage)
  Member of MosaixDoc.ImageDocumentClass

Unfortunately the return type is object, and I can't seem to find a PageInfo class or interface in the libraries.

Is there a interface that I'm missing? If not, can I access this object's methods using some other method?

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What you need to do firstly is install the BPI client software from your server to be able to log in. I am coding in C# and include the Process Agent install files to avoid using CreateObject(), if you want to use VB .Net you only have to install the EBPI Client, you will note that the

Start->Programs->Process360 9.5

icons point to the server the Setup.exe was run from.

The dll's provided by Global360 are COM Wrappers, when you call them you also need to release the resources, example:


The most common dll's you need to reference are;





The PageInfo class resides in MosaixMarkups.PageInfo, the dll for that is Global360.MxMkup.Interop.

In C# you would use MosaixDoc.ImageDocument.get_PageInfo(int page);

Would you like the API Guide?

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I have the API, just didn't realize PageInfo was in Markups. Thanks! –  C. Ross Dec 22 '10 at 21:05

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