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When writing Java stored procedures, I often receive values via oracle.sql.ARRAY parameters. However, how do I export values via oracle.sql.ARRAY parameters? For example:

public static void fetchFavoriteFoods(oracle.sql.ARRAY favoriteFoods) {
    // What must be done here to add "pizza" and "cheese burger" to favoriteFoods?
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Simply put, you don't. java.sql.Array and its implementations (like oracle.sql.ARRAY) are

a logical pointer to the data in the SQL ARRAY value rather than containing the ARRAY value's data.

Needless to say, this means that they are read-only values.

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This should be along the lines of what you are looking for: Oracle ARRAY type usage

Basically, you can create an object of your own oracle.sql.ARRAY and use it.

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