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I'm trying to validate an input from my JSF as described in http://wheelersoftware.com/articles/hibernate-validator-3.html

I've added the following dependencies in my pom.xml



When I try to get the values for invalid entries,

ClassValidator <Nfirs1SectionB> validator = new ClassValidator<Nfirs1SectionB>(Nfirs1SectionB.class);

InvalidValue[] invalidValues = validator.getInvalidValues(nfirs1.getNfirs1SectionB());

I'm not getting any values. My values are available in nfirs1.getNfirs1SectionB() in the code above. But I do not get any values in invalidValues.

Here is my seam component.

public class Nfirs1SectionB extends RMSBackingBean

 @Pattern(regex="\\d{5}(\\d{4})?", message="Zip code must be numeric and either 5 or 9 characters.")
 private String currentZipCode;

Thanks in advance.

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You only get invalidValues if validation for currentZipCode really fails. Did you assign a value to that property that doesn't match the regex? –  kraftan Nov 8 '10 at 19:14
What is the question here? –  Pascal Thivent Nov 9 '10 at 5:38

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