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Some will object that this is not a programming question. I'm willing to defend its relevance to SO, or to take the question elsewhere, if someone has a good suggestion for a better place to get this sort of help.

The classic Stanford Bunny model has almost 70,000 polygons. I'm looking for a simplified version, on the order of 4,000 polygons. (This is for an open-source screen saver I'm working on.) Searching the web, I find that many people have simplified the model for various research projects. But I haven't found a downloadable, simplified model of the complexity I want.

The closest I've found is the Scanview program, which comes with a 16,000-poly simplification of the model. However, it's provided in the binary SVM (ScanView Model?) format, for which I don't find ready information, and indeed the ScanView web page suggests that it may be encrypted and please don't hack it. :-)

I've searched in a few of the major online 3D model download sites, and haven't found the bunny at all there. This surprises me, given the popularity of the bunny, and the fact that permission is granted to redistribute it freely.

If there is not a readily-available simplified model to download, what is the easiest way for me to simplify it myself? Use a program like meshlab?


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# OBJ file format with ext .obj
# vertex count = 2503
# face count = 4968
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Awesome, thanks! –  LarsH Nov 8 '10 at 17:07
FYI to future readers... this download lacks surface normals, but it was easy to add normals by loading the file in MeshLab and saving it again in .obj format. –  LarsH Nov 8 '10 at 17:29

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