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here's my probably (and hopefully) simple problem:

i have a list with images as navigation. when you hover over them, jquery animates a div with a caption and shows it. it disapears on mouseout. (works fine)

when you click on the image, the caption div animates further and is overlaying the image completly (works fine). while hovering over another image in the nav the caption div animates aswell (works fine).

the problem: when clicking a second navigation image, the animation of the first one(clicked) should disapear.

here's the jquery:

var thumbslide = $('.boxgrid.captionfull').click(function() {
   $(this).toggleClass('clicked').children('.cover').stop().animate({top: 0, height:"230px", opacity: 1}, 350);
$('.boxgrid.captionfull:not(.clicked)').live('mouseenter', function() {
    $(this).children('.cover').stop().animate({top: 130}, 350);
}).live('mouseleave', function() {
    $(this).children('.cover').stop().animate({top: 230}, 350);

and here's a link to the dev site

any help is welcome, thanks.

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This removes the clicked class and animates it back down and returns the opacity back to 0.7:

var thumbslide = $('.boxgrid.captionfull').click(function() {
   $('.boxgrid.captionfull.clicked').removeClass('clicked').children('.cover').stop().animate({top: 230, opacity: 0.7}, 350);
   $(this).toggleClass('clicked').children('.cover').stop().animate({top: 0, height:"230px", opacity: 1}, 350);
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awesome. works. but why did jamiecs code (w/o the animation part) only work when hovering again over the last item? i mean.. it did remove the class but shouldn't it then also return to its previous state? just wondering.. –  tobiasmay Nov 8 '10 at 17:13
Because your mouseenter / mouseleave code sets the top value. So when you moused over it it would still do that animation but the opacity would not be reverted. –  PetersenDidIt Nov 8 '10 at 21:13

Isnt this just a case of finding any other clicked item and removing its clicked class?

var thumbslide = $('.boxgrid.captionfull').click(function() {
   $(this).toggleClass('clicked').children('.cover').stop().animate({top: 0, height:"230px", opacity: 1}, 350);
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guess its kinda the way to go, but when i try it that way, it only removes the clicked class while hovering over the previously clicked element.. –  tobiasmay Nov 8 '10 at 16:47
@tobiasmay - can you set up a simplified jsfiddle showing the issue. –  Jamiec Nov 8 '10 at 16:48
here's the fiddle: –  tobiasmay Nov 8 '10 at 17:09
guess the fiddle is obsolete now.. but thank you very much for the effort! –  tobiasmay Nov 8 '10 at 17:14

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