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Is there any tool for testing pixel and vertex shaders?

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nVidia FX Composer (There was also AMD (formerly ATI) RenderMonkey, but it looks like that's been shelved.)

Finally, you may find PIX useful for testing shaders as they are used in your application. It is included in the DirectX SDK.

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For HLSL Effects that you can use in XNA (PS 2.0-3.0) you can try:

3DPee (Tridipy) player and shader editor (dead link)

It operates on images and video. It supports multi pass technique, vertext shader, and has a nice editor with error message reporting on compile. It's an alpha version i have developed but it can be useful.

Screenshot: enter image description here

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Your link is dead – b1nary.atr0phy Nov 6 '14 at 1:14

You need to have a Mac to use it, but Apple's OpenGL Shader Builder is pretty nice. You can literally type in shaders and run them live, outside of your application.

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A nice one here for WebGL:

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