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* mongodb-csharp driver
* simple-mongodb driver
* NoRM

There are three mongodb clients for .net, all of them appears to have same numbers of followers.

As i am new to mongodb can't differentiate both by just looking features right now.

If you are using any of this client provider can you please share your take on it?

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I have been using the recent git builds of 10gen's mongo-csharp-driver. It was a bit too bleeding edge when I first started testing it, before the 0.5 public release, but its quite stable now.

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I saw it after i posted this question and trying it for last few days. Looks promising. although i feel bad that these companies use this opensoure tools as ladder. They could have adopted one of this project. – mamu Nov 10 '10 at 18:15

I am the lead developer of MongoVUE - a popular .NET based windows admin tool for MongoDB. MongoVUE uses mongodb-csharp (0.9 master). My experience with the driver has been very good - it is quite robust. It performs well in multi-threaded situations. The community and developers are active and resolution to problems can be found in a few hours even during weekends.

I am evaluating simple-mongodb and may migrate to it as it matures (bugs+speed mainly).

Regards, Ishaan

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I like samus driver. It is stable, fast and has all features of MongoDB as i know. Read this article;)

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