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I'm attempting to use Kohana's regex() database method with ORM to search for a word. I was using the like() method originally, but the results weren't what I wanted. Basically what I need to do is search a phrase for a certain word. I've used basic regular expressions like this before, but I must be doing something wrong. I've tried the following without any success:

$prod_name = ORM::factory("product")->regex("prod_name", "^" . $searchArray[$i] . "$")->find_all();

$prod_name = ORM::factory("product")->regex("prod_name", "/b" . $searchArray[$i] . "/b")->find_all();

$prod_name = ORM::factory("product")->regex("prod_name", "/\b" . $searchArray[$i] . "\b/")->find_all();

Kohana's documentation states that regex() works the same as like(), but it's not. This works fine:

$prod_name = ORM::factory("product")->like("prod_name",$searchArray[$i])->find_all();

As does this:

$prod_name = ORM::factory("product")->like("prod_name",$searchArray[$i] . "%", FALSE)->find_all();
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This should work. Can you give an example of a $searchArray[$i] value that you are passing? – netcoder Nov 8 '10 at 20:41
an example would be a string of any type. "brown shoe", "leather coat", etc. The "prod_name" field in the database is text. I've also tried to use the actual text I'm searching for instead of a variable like this: "^shoe$". Still, doesn't work. – anthony Nov 10 '10 at 19:59
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Through some further research, trial & error, I found the answer. Kohana's database method isn't using normal regular expressions, but MySql's version. In my situation, I'm searching for words in a phrase and would use the following (I'm using "shoe" as my example)


Would find words that begin with shoe


Would find words that end with shoe


Would only find words that are shoe

The code that ended up working for me is:

$prod_name = ORM::factory("product")->regex("prod_name", "[[:<:]]" . $searchArray[$i])->find_all();

Hope this helps someone else.

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