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To image rotate I used Matrix class. Rotating work very well, but if I try scroll - image hide. How to solve this problem ? How to rotate big Image ? Flex Code[Rotate]:

var tmpMatrix:Matrix = wImage.transform.matrix;
var oHeight:Number = wImage.height / 2;
var oWidth:Number = wImage.width / 2;``
tmpMatrix.translate(-oWidth, -oHeight);
tmpMatrix.rotate(-Math.PI / 2);
tmpMatrix.translate(oWidth, oHeight);
wImage.transform.matrix = tmpMatrix;

Best regards, mykhaylo

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3 Answers

From my experience, that code works depending on how is the image previously sized and positioned, and what you do after rotation. What I do after rotating is modify matrix tx and ty in order to reposition the image, which is actually out of the viewport.

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Why not use the wImage.rotation property?

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Kind of solution for image rotation it does not matter. My problem: after image scrolling - image hide.

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