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I have a simple homework... to make a C program that takes 3 values 3 times

  1. id of a food (char)
  2. cal value of food (float)
  3. amount of food (float)

Here is the code and the output the program gives me:

#include <stdio.h>
#define NUM_OF_FOOD 3

int main()
    float food_cal[NUM_OF_FOOD];
    float food_amount[NUM_OF_FOOD];
    char food_id[NUM_OF_FOOD];
    int i;
    float total_cal=0;
    int most_fat_food_id=0;
    printf("enter the following data: food ID, Cal value and Amount eaten \nexample A 10 3\n");
    for (i=0;i<NUM_OF_FOOD;i++)
        printf("\nEnter product #%d:",i);
        int inputLength = scanf("%c %f %f",&food_id[i],&food_cal[i],&food_amount[i]);
        if ( inputLength < 3 ) {
            printf("input error, input length was %d excpexted 3", inputLength);
        if ( !((food_id[i]>96 && food_id[i]<123) || (food_id[i]>64 && food_id[i]<91)) ) {
             printf("ID input error");
        if ( food_cal[i] < 0 ) {
            printf("Food Cal input error");
        if ( food_amount[i] < 0 ) {
            printf("Food Amount input error");
        printf("\n%c %5.2f %5.2f",food_id[i],food_cal[i],food_amount[i]);
    for (i=0;i<NUM_OF_FOOD;i++)

    printf ("\nTotal amount of calories is %5.2f\n",total_cal);
    for (i=1;i<NUM_OF_FOOD;i++)
         most_fat_food_id = (food_cal[most_fat_food_id]<food_cal[i]) ? i : most_fat_food_id;

    printf ("\nThe most fattening product is: %c with %5.2f calories",food_id[most_fat_food_id],food_cal[most_fat_food_id]);

    return 0;

enter the following data: food ID, Cal value and Amount eaten 
example A 10 3

Enter product #0:A 1000 2

A 1000.00  2.00
Enter product #1:B 500 3
input error, input length was 1 excpexted 3
Total amount of calories is 2000.00

The most fattening product is: A with 1000.00 calories

it just skips the input of the 3rd

No idea why... two people looked at the code, looked fine but still have an error.

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@Roger - mea culpa - but do notice that the OP posted a running example that perfectly displayed his error. – KevinDTimm Nov 8 '10 at 21:29
@Kevin: Yes, I've, unfortunately, been using a form-like message with general advice for this — the links are useful for users5..'s later questions and anyone else's questions, too. – Roger Pate Nov 8 '10 at 21:30
@Roger - I'll change if you will :) – KevinDTimm Nov 8 '10 at 21:31
@Kevin: (How's this? ;) "The homework tag, like other so-called 'meta' tags, is now discouraged," but, @user501160, please continue to follow general guidelines, state any special restrictions, show what you've tried so far, and ask about what specifically is confusing you. – Roger Pate Nov 8 '10 at 21:32
@Roger - I think he already did the second part though ;) (show what you've tried so far) – KevinDTimm Nov 8 '10 at 22:36
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Input: A 1000 2[ENTER]B 500 3[ENTER]...

The first scanf("%c %f %f") reads 'A', 1000, and 2 and stops at the [ENTER]

The second scanf("%c %f %f") reads the [ENTER] and chokes with the B for the "%f" conversion.

You can try using scanf(" %c %f %f") to force a skip of optional whitespace before reading the char.

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thx... this did the trick – Iakovl Nov 8 '10 at 21:30
Just 1 important thing to remember: the "normal" scanf conversion specifiers (%d, %i, %f, %s) skip leading whitespace (spaces, newlines, ...); "%c" doesn't. To force a skip of whitespace use a space inside the format string. – pmg Nov 8 '10 at 21:51

after line 33 add:

char nl = 0;
scanf("%c", &nl);

that will consume the final newline character that's screwing things up.

after the said suggestion, this is the output:

enter the following data: food ID, Cal value and Amount eaten
example A 10 3

Enter product #0:a 10 2

a 10.00  2.00
Enter product #1:b 3 29

b  3.00 29.00
Enter product #2:c 32 4

c 32.00  4.00
Total amount of calories is 235.00

The most fattening product is: c with 32.00 calories
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why so many characters in your program name ;) – KevinDTimm Nov 8 '10 at 21:27

You don't consume the '\n'

the quick/dirty method is to add a variable:

char readNewLine;

after your scanf(), add another:

scanf("%c", &readNewLine);

This is ugly, but it will suffice - better methods will become available after you've used C for a while.

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Better methods are avaliable already. Why not suggest that the OP read up on fgets(), especially since his input data is going to be quite small? – Chris Lutz Nov 8 '10 at 21:24
Because, as homework, I don't presuppose his/her level of learning. If the Prof ( haven't gotten that far, it's too much info. I'm almost ashamed I answered the question at all (besides just saying that the '\n' wasn't consumed) – KevinDTimm Nov 8 '10 at 21:26

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