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I have a NetBeans project which is using the JRE 1.4 environment which means I can't use generics.

How can I change the project to use 1.6 (?) so I can use generics.

Appolgies for the newbie question. Please feel free to edit so it makes more sense.


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Your reputation points don't really say that you're actually a newbie ))). benmccann.com/dev-blog/change-the-netbeans-default-jdk – Denis Kniazhev Nov 8 '10 at 21:34
I am when it comes to Java. :) – griegs Nov 8 '10 at 21:36
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  • In the Project tab, Right Click on the Project and select Properties.In the Library category select Java Platform JDK 1.6.
  • Then, in the Source category select Source/Binary Format JDK6.
  • This assumes that you installed JDK 1.6 and NetBeans knows about this.
  • JDK 1.6 must be known to NetBeans as a Java Platform.
  • From the menu select Tools->Java Platform Manager.
  • If JDK 1.6 is not in the list you can add it there.
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