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I have a QTableWidget in my form and I want to do something when a user doubleclicks on the header of a row or column. I am using the following connect statement:


Where this is the window class and ui->tblResults is the QTableWidget on the window's form. When I try doubleclicking the header, nothing happens. The slot I'm connecting to is:

void wndSearch::tableDoubleClicked(QModelIndex tmp){

Very simple, just testing to see if the slot gets called. I never receive this messagebox. I am not getting any runtime error on the connect() call.

Am I using the wrong signal? Is something else wrong? Please let me know if you need anymore information, and thanks for the help!

[edit] Someone in #qt on freenode helped me out. SIGNAL I was looking for was sectionDoubleClicked(int)

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You can get the QHeaderView via QTableWidget::horizontalHeader() or QTableWidget::verticalHeader().

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