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I have a table which is sortable. The table also uses the jQuery TreeTable plugin so there are what appear to be multiple levels but all in standard tr elements. I am trying to make it so that when i select an object to sort, the two or three elements directly under the selected tr are also sorted. I have gotten as far as dragging the trs but im having problems with dropping them. Here's the code:

        // sortable stop function
        var fixStoper = function( e, ui ){

            if ( $( "#list-pages-dropbox tr" ).length ){

                    // hide the helper
                    $( "#list-pages-sortable" ).hide( );

                    ui.item.after( $( "#list-pages-dropbox tr" ) );

                    var pos = "i" );

                    if ( pos > 0 ) ui.item.insertAfter( $( "#pages tbody .grouped" ) [ pos ] );

                    // removes the grouped class from items just sorted the grouped
                    // class is what im using to identify what items are being sorted
                    toggleGroupedChildren( $( ui.item ).attr( "id" ) );

                    $( "#pages tbody" ).sortable( "refresh" );


This works almost fine but it inserts some of the trs at the end of the table for some reason? They appear on the screen in the correct position but in the source some of the just sorted trs are at the end of the table and i can't figure out why.

Could anyone suggest how to fix this or show another method of sorting multiple items at once?


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