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I've produced a MVC app that when you access /App/export it zips up all the files in a particular folder and then returns the zip file. The code looks something like:

public ActionResult Export() {
    exporter = new Project.Exporter("/mypath/")
    return File(exporter.filePath, "application/zip", exporter.fileName);

What I would like to do is return the file to the user and then delete it. Is there any way to set a timeout to delete the file? or hold onto the file handle so the file isn't deleted till after the request is finished?

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Sorry, I do not have the code right now...

But the idea here is: just avoid creating a temporary file! You may write the zipped data directly to the response, using a MemoryStream for that.

EDIT Something on that line (it's not using MemoryStream but the idea is the same, avoiding creating a temp file, here using the DotNetZip library):

DotNetZip now can save directly to ASP.NET Response.OutputStream.

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data i am returning is so huge that it is cannot be in memory so have to create a temp file – Hassan Jun 18 '13 at 19:28
@jaminator: So do it. But in that case, I would create an external job for deleting old temporary files. – rsenna Jun 18 '13 at 20:52

You could create a Stream implementation similar to FileStream, but which deletes the file when it is disposed.

There's some good code in this SO post.

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