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Say I am modelling this scenario - what design pattern could I use to best model this?

The base class is a CellPhonePlan. CellPhonePlan has two properties:

  • int MonthlyPrice
  • List of type string, StandardFeatures

Where StandardFeatures might include a value such as "200 minutes call time".

I also want to provide some addons to the standard CellPhonePlan. Such as

1) Family Plan

  • int Price
  • List of type string, Features

2) WeekendPlan

  • int Price
  • List of type string, Features

I want to be able to choose the StandardFeatures, FamilyPlan and WeekendPlan and have its price and features reflective of the options I have made. I also would like to know how to best represent this using a design pattern!


Sorry I guess I didn't explain that too clearly. What I am after is having the base plan plus the family, plus the weekend. So all the values add up.

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No design pattern needed...

class CellPhonePlan
    int MonthlyPrice { get; set; }
    List<string> Features { get; set; }

var standardPlan = new CellPhonePlan
    MonthlyPrice = 10,
    Features = new List<string>() { "200 minutes call time", "texting" }

var familyPlan = new CellPhonePlan
  MonthlyPrice = 20,
  Features = new List<string>() { "500 minutes call time", "texting", "shared between a family" }

var weekendPlan = new CellPhonePlan
  MonthlyPrice = 5,
  Features = new List<string>() { "200 minutes call time", "but you can only talk on weekends" }
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This looks like it could fit well into the Decorator pattern, if you really want to use a design pattern.

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This is perfect thank you! I'll now try to figure out how to mark it as the answer. –  Lothar Nov 9 '10 at 16:01

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