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I have a dom structure like so:


I am wanting to get the text from the <a> tag when I click it.

However when using this.text I get abcdef instead of just abc.

How would I got about getting the text value of just the <a>?

Am I going to have to do it this way and then do a substr() to the length of the <span>'s text?

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Another option:

var text = $("a").contents().filter(function() { return this.nodeType == Node.TEXT_NODE; }).text();
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I noticed Nick's one below makes a clone, hence an extra object. Does this method also make an extra object? –  Hailwood Nov 9 '10 at 1:39
No it doesn't create an extra object. –  OJ. Nov 9 '10 at 1:45

You can do it by getting the .text() from a .clone() without those child elements in there, like this:

$("a").click(function() {
  var text = $(this).clone().children().remove().end().text();

You can test it out here.

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If that is the actual structure (the <a> text coming before the <span>), you could do this:

$('a').click(function() {
    var txt = this.firstChild.nodeValue;

This will be very fast, but again, it assumes that the text always comes first, and that it is not segmented by other elements.

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Rather than using a library to walk the dom, you could just ask the browser to do it for you:

var string = element.innerText || element.textContent;

This should work in all webkit based browsers, firefox, ie and opera.

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That will still give you "abcdef". –  Tim Down Nov 9 '10 at 9:23

Another option:

var text = $('a').text().replace($('a span').text(), '');
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