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We've been looking at automating our server and code deployments. We've already decided on puppet for our server configurations, but are looking for a more "push" style tool to use for code deployments. I'm currently looking at either using capistrano or fabric, but I'm not sure what would be the most mature to use?

We deploy a number of different services, none of which are currenlty written in rails or django, so we don't mind about language. What would be the best one to build custom deployment scripts? Or have I missed another tool out there?

We are also considering git pushing with hooks for deployment, but feel it will be limited/hacky in what we want to achieve with it.

Any thoughts or experience would be great to hear. Cheers

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I have found nothing quicker to deploy and get working for automated builds and deployments as hudson. It takes very little time to setup and has plugins for every technology you could think of that has anything to do with continuous integration tactics.

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Did you tried webistrano, it is web frontend using capistrano in background.

It has easily configurable gui with possibility to share code between application deployments, downside of using it is it requires some capistrano knowledge (but then you can always ask stackoverflow :) )

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You're going to find that Fabric is more able to do custom work. It's really a library and a command. All the files are jsut python though so anything you can do with the language you can do or use in your fabfile.

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If you are looking at AWS, there's AWS CodeDeploy, which you can hook up to Jenkins, CircleCI, Puppet, etc. A number of hosted Git solutions have integration with CodeDeploy.

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