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I know this could be a vague question (or not!).

I've seen this somewhere 2^n-1 (or 2^n+1). Where do you see this equation? and why is it significant? And when do you use it?

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2^n-1 is the highest unsigned integer of n bits.

It's also a number easily tested for primeness, Mersenne prime http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mersenne_prime

It's also the combination on my suitcase.

What's the point question?

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John Smith answered the most common use of it. 2^n-1 is the largest unsigned integer you can store with n bits.

  • 8 bits: 255
  • 16 bits: 65535
  • 32 bits: 4294967295

Oh, and mersenne primes as Beemer pointed out (link from his page).

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thank you. Now, what is the relationship between the fact that 2^n-1 is the largest unsigned integer in n bits and mersenne prime?? –  ericbae Nov 9 '10 at 8:09

It's also the maximum number of nodes in a balanced binary tree of height n.

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